Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what is happening...

once..i use to know this boy..
he is full of dream,he can see a clear path in front of him..
how that path will bring him a joy,laugh and successful in his life..
he use to told me that to gain something you have to earn for it..
he never bear in mind that what he do will effect all people around him...
he just believe in himself,never thought nothing else is more important than what is he dream of..
now...he have long time gone,take the path he choose and believe will take her to somewhere he only know..
before he leave he said to me..
"the day you take the first step,is the moment you should never regret anything you done in the way,everyone have their own path but the path bring them the same end,afterlife.."

Monday, June 7, 2010


FAR stand for my actual name Faiz Afif Ruslan im 22 years old from PASIR PUTIH KELANTAN